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The Wright Consulting Team has 20+ years combined experience in quality management (including auditing and process engineering) and GIS Services (including LiDAR and Orthophotography data).  

We are experts in various ISO systems including ISO 9001, 27001, 13485 and 14001.  

We have experience in developing, implementing, auditing and maintaining quality systems for numerous industries including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), manufacturing (metal, plastics, aerospace, computer components), medical devices, and IT services to list a few.  

WCDG's diverse group of consultants and auditors specialize in developing systems and processes that work with you and within your organization.  

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The Wright Consulting & Design Group is a small consulting firm located in Colorado Springs, CO created with the goal of creating partnerships with its  clients to develop sound, functional systems in both quality and business management. 

Wright Consulting and Design Group first opened it's doors in May 2012 providing services for GIS, Manufacturing, and IT companies in quality and data services.

Wright Consulting is committed to creating relationships and systems that  are beneficial to the organization in improving quality and standardization.

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Our Mission


Wright Consulting's sole mission is to assist its clients in developing, implementing and maintaining beneficial quality and business processes.  

WCDG consults on quality management systems (such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001) and GIS services (LiDAR, Ortho, Quality).  

Services offered include gap analysis, process engineering, ISO auditing, documentation creation to satisfy standard requirements, assistance in obtaining 3rd Party registration, P&L support, risk management, FMEA, and GIS activities in LiDAR, imagery and other GIS products. 

Wright Consulting and Design Group is your partner in quality.

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